Address: 665 Highway 628
Laplace, LA 70068
River Mile: Lower Mississippi River – Mile 132
Major Equipment: Multiple high capacity floating cranes with buckets and equipment required 
"LMO" (Louisiana Midstream One) - A unique barge-mounted conveying system providing quality control features not found in other midstream loading operations.  

Dry dock: 120' X 70' with 1,200 short ton capacity

Storage: Aggregate yard with 20,000 ton capacity and truck scales

Products: Bulk and break bulk commodities
Coal/coke, steel inputs and products, wood pellets, aggregates, minerals, fertilizers, project cargo, and more.

Capabilities: Midstream Transfers - 3 berths
Ship to barge and barge to ship

Dock transfers
Barge to truck and truck to barge with truck scale

Barge turn fleet with capacity of 500 barges
Vessel/Barge Cleaning and repair services 
Laplace Barge Fleeting, Cleaning, Repairs, & Aggregate Dock - Milepost LM 132
Laplace Stevedoring: Midstream Anchorages LM 133,134, & 135
The Louisiana Mid-Stream One (LMO): US Gulf's ONLY coal and petroleum coke mid-stream transfer facility
Laplace Stevedoring Mid-stream: Loading Coal for Export - barge to ship via bucket load
Laplace Fleeting: 500 plus barge turn fleet
Laplace Dry Dock: Vessel and Barge Repairs 120' x 70' - 1200 tons capacity
Laplace Stevedoring Mid-Stream: Pig iron import - unload ship to barge
Laplace Speciality Project: Barge Stacking for Export via Semi-Submersible Vessel
Laplace Barge Cleaning
Laplace Barge Repairs
Dave Simpson
Gulf Services Manager
(985) 652-1200