Consolidated Terminals and Logistics Company (CTLC), a division of CGB Enterprises, Inc., began as a transportation company in 1970. CTLC initially focused on moving freight from north to south on the inland waterways of the United States. An innovative philosophy and an entrepreneurial spirit led to an expansion of services and markets, transforming CTLC into a global operation.

Today, CTLC possesses one of the largest and most sophisticated networks of assets and manpower in the U.S. It has become one of the major logistics providers and handlers of bulk commodities and products throughout the middle and lower United States. In addition, CTLC now serves the global marketplace; capable of moving customers’ products from anywhere in the world to its final destination in the United States, and vice versa. From trucking to ocean freight, CTLC is an organization capable of providing world-class service with a small company attitude.

Today, CTLC has created "The Secure and Seamless Journey" through...


  • A full-service logistics company
  • 17 terminals on the inland waterways
  • Cooper/Consolidated - the largest stevedoring group on the Lower Mississippi River
  • A trucking division providing both asset-based trucking and brokerage services
  • Leased and owned rail cars
  • A full service liquids handling and marketing group operating an ethanol dock on the Lower Ohio River
  • An Aggregates and Cement handling facility
  • Full-service Project Cargo management capabilities
  • A Fertilizer Retail and Wholesale division (ArgaInputs), with multiple locations
  • Mission & Culture
  • History

"Our mission is to profitably and ethically meet the needs of our stakeholders. Our stakeholders are our owners, our employees and our customers. We shall do this in a manner that is innovative, safe and with an approach that is based upon realizing long-term profitability."

At CTLC, we not only believe that it is possible to simultaneously be safe, profitable, and ethical, it is at the core of our business philosophy. Undoubtedly we must make a profit in order to survive as a company. However, we are never willing to sacrifice sound, safe, and ethical principles to do so. Our reputation for honesty and integrity has created a bond of loyalty with our customers, vendors, and employees. Our ability to maintain first-class relationships has aided CTLC in realizing the long-term goals that we strive for every day.
While we encourage innovation and creativity, Safety is job one! At CTLC (and our parent company CGB Enterprises, Inc.), our employees are our most important and valuable resource. Concern for the safety and well-being of our employees is deeply ingrained within our culture. We operate on a single corporate philosophy that all accidents are preventable – our goal is Zero Harm. We call our safety program ‘Journey to Excellence’, whereby we always seek the safest way to execute our duties.
Since its founding, CTLC has relied on creativity, innovation, and integrity to build an entrepreneurial company. We are committed to creating a culture that fosters the development of each individual. Our entrepreneurial spirit is driven by a decentralized structure based on the belief that our employees are highly capable individuals who are in the best position to make decisions that will provide added value for their specific customers.

CGB's Origin:

Bob Frane and Claude Crowley founded Consolidated Grain & Barge Company on January 1, 1970. The initial operation was conducted from a small office at the Merchants Exchange Building in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. From its humble beginnings, CGB Enterprises, Inc. (CGB) now has approximately 2,500 employees at over 100 locations throughout the United States.

CTLC's Beginning:

In the fall of 1995, CGB installed and began operations of our first Mid-Stream anchorage. Located at Laplace, LA, this first mid-stream facility changed the face of CGB’s terminal business. Always a major player in the Inland Terminal and Transportation industry, the installation of the mid-stream facility on the lower Mississippi River became a ‘Hub’ for CGB’s non-grain activity.

The subsequent installation of two adjacent anchorages gave CGB the flexibility to discharge import tonnage to inland barges from multiple ocean-going vessels. To better capitalize on the inland terminal business and our new mid-stream anchorage opportunities, CGB formed Consolidated Terminals and Logistics Company (CTLC) in the summer of 1996.

Initially, CTLC would arrange for and load empty northbound barges and then work with these same import customers to perform product unloading and delivery services, often to our own Inland Terminals. Service offerings grew to include all aspects of Logistical services including barge and rail capabilities, trucking, and storage. CTLC’s handle of import tonnage has grown to more than 30 products including Fertilizer, Semi-Finished Steel, Minerals, and Alloys, among others. At present, CTLC is known industry-wide for our diverse variety of services offered and exceptional customer service.



Cooper Consolidated, LLC is an asset-based provider of Stevedoring, Barge, Marine, and Logistics services. Our strategically positioned berths and custom-built assets enable us to offer innovative transfer solutions and seamless cargo movements. Cooper Consolidated services are provided by our own assets and managed by our own employees. This advantage ensures both reliable customer service and the flexibility to quickly and efficiently execute unforeseen changes.

Cooper Consolidated operates between Baton Rouge and Southwest Pass with:
• 12 deep draft ship berths between Mile Points 71 - 180 on the Mississippi River
• 12 high-speed, high-capacity floating cranes for cargo transfers
• A floating grain elevator, The America, with FGIS certified scales and samplers
• A floating coal transfer station, LMO, with unique quality control features
• 6 full-service barge fleets between Miles Points 71 - 180 on the Mississippi River
• Logistics Management providing real-time coordination of barge placements
• Sales Professionals managing a pool of 900 inland covered hopper barges

River Bend Transport and Brokerage Company (RBT/RBB) is the trucking/transportation branch of CGB Enterprises. The majority of RBTs business involves the transportation of grain, salt, fertilizer, plastics and various other products hauled in pneumatic and dump trailers. In addition, RBT operates a limited number of van and flatbed trailers which carry packaged freight. RBT is also a member of the Uniform Intermodal Interchange and holds interchange agreements with all railroads and steamship lines that provide intermodal service to the Chicago area. RBBs business involves the movement of dump, flat, van, and other freight needs.

MG Rail was purchased by CGB Enterprises in 1990 to provide additional assistance to the Port of Indiana in it's operations. MG Rail began serving customers in the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville in 1985 when the facility opened. Our operation began with one locomotive and handled approximately 1,000 cars. As the port has grown, so has our operation. We now operate 5 locomotives, 2 slug units, and handle over 20,000 cars per year.

CGB Marine, a division of CGB Enterprises, Inc., has twelve (12) full-service barge fleets on the U.S. Inland Waterways, and is a specialist in transportation consulting and logistics. Facilities are strategically located on the Lower Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico, the St. Louis Harbor, the Ohio River, and various locations on the Illinois River. CGB Marine also offers its customers cleaning and repair services.

CGB has been an innovative and progressive leader in the grain and transportation industries since 1970. Today, CGB operates a global enterprise overseeing a diverse family of businesses that provide an array of services for producers and logistics services for a global base of customers. The combination of our assets provide a growing organization that is over 40 years strong!