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  • Railroad Access:CSX
  • Railroad Car Capacity:24 Car Capability
  • Trucking:Served by multiple trucking companies with highway connections to I-275, I-71, AND I-75
  • River Mile Marker:Ohio River 496
  • 1 Acre outside storage pad with paved asphalt
  • 2 acres of additional outside storage
  • 12,000 tons of inside storage.
  • Aggregates
  • Minerals
  • Ag Products
  • Plant Inputs & Outbound Products
  • Biomass
  • Project Cargo
  • Direct Transfers:
    • Barge to truck/truck to barge
    • Barge to rail/rail to barge
    • Rail to truck
    • Bulk mixing/blending and bagging
  • Major Equipment
    • CAT 345 Material Crane
    • Vertical blender/mixer, heat sealed bagger


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Nathan Brunner

Terminal Manager: (502) 585-5321

Josh Wood

Commercial Manager: (812) 270-3491

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Consolidated Terminals and Logistics Co. (CTLC) is a division of CGB Enterprises, Inc. which began as a transportation company in 1970, primarily focused on moving freight from north to south on the inland waterways of the United States. Innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit led to an expansion of services and markets, transforming CTLC into a global operation.


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